Handmade longboard and skateboard and surf accessories

The sea does not always bring the right waves and as for life, often you have to change direction, spot and maybe turn the asphalt into the perfect wave and start surfing.
This is where the Brentionboard project is born, boards for surfing on asphalt, handmade long cruisers made from recycled woods and eco-sustainable materials.

The love for wood and for the multiple processes has led us not to dwell only on the Cruiser longboards, so we started looking at the whole surf culture, accessories for surfers like the paraffin holder made entirely of poor wood, small objects like wooden key rings and card holders and not least our necklaces that bring us back to nature and waves at all times.

We believe that the craftsmanship and the choice of materials such as sustainable wood is the best way to create longboard cruisers and all the accessories in the best way, every single brentionboard piece will always be different and never absolutely perfect and therefore unique! With passion for the world of surfing and street waves we try to convey to you our love for this culture.

Now all you have to do is enter our shop, ride your wave with our handmade longboard Cruisers, discover our limited editions and all our products.